October 21, 2008

This and That

Good afternoon!
I'm sitting on my patio, taking a break, in a spot that just a few weeks ago would have been fully, rather than partially, in the blazing sun at this hour. Sometimes, the position of the sun is the only way you know the seasons are changing in LA. There's a really cool thing outside at the Griffith Observatory. They have sunset and moonset lines engraved in the cement so that you know where the sun and moon are going to set in the sky, depending on the time of year (for those of you who've already read the book, you know what I'm talking about).

Thank you to Harmony Book Reviews for this fantastic review and for featuring me as the author of the month! Stay tuned for more...

Thank you to Book Chic for featuring me as the Fresh New Voice of YA. If you're interested, check out the guest blog and interview I did.

I'm having a little book party on Thursday, so I have to go out and do a few things for that, but before I do, check out this cool new book, Who By Fire, that I read about today in Seventeen Magazine, here. Doesn't it sound great? I can't wait to get a copy.


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Ooh, that book looks great!

Thanks for linking to me :)