October 25, 2009

Peace & Calm

I just got back from a beautiful hike in the Hollywood Hills with my trusty companion, Rocky. I usually take a spinning/pilates class on Sunday mornings, but today I felt the tug to be outside. And I'm glad I listened. It's a perfect clear, blue, Fall day, with temps cool enough for the Big Sweets to make it even further up than we normally go.

Here's Rocky, taking a forced break so I could snap this pic.
Back on the go, cresting the first view.
Taking a break, to take in the view...

Anticipating drops from my bottle...

Ah, the sweet taste of water after a long climb.Preparing for the descent...
Now that we're back in the comfort of our home, Rocky is recuperating in the sun on his favorite spot. It's a tough life...
I hope everyone else's Sunday is as good as his.

x J

October 22, 2009

Just Do It

Greetings, friends:
you know those days when the hours just blend together and fly by so fast that you forget to eat? Well, I had one of those yesterday. I had a marathon meeting on one of my projects that was so much fun I didn't notice that five hours had passed...I love it when that happens. It probably had something to do with the fact that I wasn't alone in my office all day like I normally am, plus the fact that I didn't have a chance to go online at all.

After that I dashed to the complete other side of town to get to the Echo Park Library for my Teen Read Week event with fellow YA authors Anna Hays and Michael Reisman. Thanks to the fabulous Wendy McPherson, YA librarian extraordinaire, we had 75 people attend the speaking portion of the event, and 18 of them stayed for the workshop that followed.

I love these kinds of events. I love the enthusiasm of the attendees, and it's always a great way to give back, to let others know, no matter their age, that they can do this, too. They can write. They have something to say. The key is to stick with it and to form a habit. And the way to form a habit is to be consistent, even if it's in 20 minute increments. Chances are, you'll get more done in 20 minutes than you think you can. It's like training for a marathon. You don't start with 26 miles. You start with 1. And when you're ready, you take it up to 2. Maybe a few days later you'll even be able to do 3 miles. The point is, this is how you form a habit and eventually you will make it to 26 miles. Or a finished mansucript.

On another note, I came home to poor Rocky still grappling with his foot rash. And you know what that means? It's back to the socks for the Big Sweets.
He's now a walking reminder to, that's right, JUST DO IT!
And with that, I'm off to do just that, which means see you later, interweb!
x J

October 19, 2009

your daily rocky

hello folks.
I'm back, it's Monday, and I think this picture says it all:
But it's only 2:14pm, which means there's still practically an entire day to get back to revisions, take the sleepy guy for a hike, grocery shop and then cook a fabulous meal for hubby.right? RIGHT.

Or I can always convince Beef to cuddle for the rest of the afternoon...
p.s. for future reference, Rocky, pictured above, is also known as: Beef, Big Beef, The Big Sweets, Steiners-Beef, Rockstein and many more nicknames that will likely surface on this blog...so stay tuned!

happy monday, friends and dog lovers alike.
x j

October 18, 2009

it's twitter time

hello friends,
I have some news! It finally happened! Yes, that's right. I joined twitter. I'm hoping this will make up for my lack of blogging of late, or that perhaps those 140 characters will inspire some more frequent posting...who knows?
BUT, in the meantime, you can see all the fascinating things I'm up to (you know, like taking "Big Beef," aka Rocky, aka my dog, around the block, what I'm about to concoct in the kitchen, which TV show I'm OBSESSED with), so please don't be shy and come be a follower (their word, not mine!).

you can find me here! (http://twitter.com/Jfraiberg).

In other news, since I *am* so obsessed with my dog, I'm thinking of giving you all a chance to see the adorableness right HERE by posting some of the greatest pictorial hits of this beast we love so much. He is my muse after all, and gets photographed almost daily, but I figured the best place to start is with a pic from my wedding, where Rocky was the ring bearer, way back in 2008.
So, without further ado, here he is, in all his floral glory!And with that, I'm off to take this big, beefy guy to the park before hitting the road for Santa Barbara for a lovely, afternoon wedding.
See you soon, friends.
x j