October 18, 2009

it's twitter time

hello friends,
I have some news! It finally happened! Yes, that's right. I joined twitter. I'm hoping this will make up for my lack of blogging of late, or that perhaps those 140 characters will inspire some more frequent posting...who knows?
BUT, in the meantime, you can see all the fascinating things I'm up to (you know, like taking "Big Beef," aka Rocky, aka my dog, around the block, what I'm about to concoct in the kitchen, which TV show I'm OBSESSED with), so please don't be shy and come be a follower (their word, not mine!).

you can find me here! (http://twitter.com/Jfraiberg).

In other news, since I *am* so obsessed with my dog, I'm thinking of giving you all a chance to see the adorableness right HERE by posting some of the greatest pictorial hits of this beast we love so much. He is my muse after all, and gets photographed almost daily, but I figured the best place to start is with a pic from my wedding, where Rocky was the ring bearer, way back in 2008.
So, without further ado, here he is, in all his floral glory!And with that, I'm off to take this big, beefy guy to the park before hitting the road for Santa Barbara for a lovely, afternoon wedding.
See you soon, friends.
x j

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