October 20, 2008

the monday warm-up

Good Monday morning to you, readers!
I hope it's the start of a great week for all of us. I had a lovely tour of some book stores on Friday. A confession: I was a little apprehensive about doing this exercise. I know it's a rite of passage and all, but I also know that books can take a while to ship and that they may not even be on shelves right away. Thankfully this did not happen and our little tour was so much fun, especially since we had a surprise addition to our merry expedition, my other good friend, J.
some pictures of the adventure, for your viewing pleasure: at Portrait of a Bookstore
and look! The lovely folks at B&N at the Grove put my signed books in prime viewing position. Side note: the Grove makes an appearance in the book, too.Now, what's this warm-up all about, you ask? It's a way for to me to sit down at my desk, get all my things and thoughts in order before I dive in to book 2 for a few hours. Today, these "things" included:
1. checking email.
2. drinking tea
3. checking email again.
4. lighting candle
5. moving things around on desk.
6. brushing dog's teeth. okay, before you start mocking me, which I fully deserve, you would brush his teeth, too if YOUR dog tried to eat what MY dog tried to eat this morning. Note: it's a special tooth brush for dogs, not a recycled human toothbrush, with special "poultry" flavored dog toothpaste. yum. see for yourself:
I can't really beat that on my list. Suffice it to say that Rocky and I are both much happier after said teeth brushing (he actually likes it). I'm now at my desk, and he in his usual resting position on the couch next to me, awaiting his next beauty regimen.
In the meantime, I'm going to get to work, now adequately warmed-up.
Thanks for stopping by!

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