August 13, 2009

So close...

I can taste it! To be less cryptic, I'm almost done with a major overhaul of my second book. It has taken some time, but it has been my loyal companion during a particular nutty few months. But now that I'm coming out the other side, I can pretty safely say that while life does and will always "get in the way," it is in fact these very distractions, forced breaks and sometimes obstacles that are the very stuff of writing. The stuff that we store in our DNA. While it might not be obvious at the time, these experiences can and ultimately do find their way onto the page. Sometimes it's clear when it happens, other times ideas will only slightly resemble their origins and will come out of the filter of time and perspective anew.

When you're in the thick of life, the thick of upsetting news or seemingly endless roadblocks, when you feel like the writing's not coming, like you're drawing water from a stone, when stringing a simple sentence together feels like a herculean effort, like you're learning a new language, just remember: it will pass. Maybe not in a day. Or a week. Or even a month.
But once it passes, you know it's gone.
And you know you're back.
And the next time it happens, hopefully you'll remember you made it through before. For the better.

So welcome back, me!

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