June 8, 2009

I have a title!

Hello friends,
That is, if I still have any after being the worst blogger of 2009. But the year is only half over, so there is still time to rectify that, or at least to move a few notches up from the *worst.*
Okay, now that I've cleared that up, let me confess that I am retreating to this blank page in order to hide from another, at least for a few minutes. To be more specific, I'm revising my next book and as is often the case with revisions, that entails writing new stuff, not just revising the stuff that's already been written.

But, I'm really excited to announce the title! It's called OUR SONG, and should be out in June 2010. When I have a good synopsis to share, I will, but for now I'll just tell you it's a pretty dramatic love story and despite my temporary avoidance, has been so much fun to write.

You know, as a writer, I realized I'd been spending way too much time and energy trying to get to the finish line, wanting to already be done, to have this book behind me. But then as I approached (and blew past my deadline!), I realized that I'm actually having fun writing this book, inhabiting the minds of my characters, thinking about how they feel and act, and that I shouldn't want it to end, that I'll actually miss these characters when I'm done. The amazing thing is that this shift in thinking has actually worked. It has taken away the sense of doom and fear hanging over me and replaced it with a desire to take the time I need to do the book justice. I still procrastinate. I still have trouble starting most days no matter how well the previous day or days of writing have gone. But I don't feel panicked or wish it was over. Since I want to be doing this for a long time, I hope I can maintain this attitude for a long time, too. At least it's how I feel today.
Now I'm ready to go back to the other blank page. Happy Monday, everyone.
x Jordanna

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