September 8, 2008

The VMAs

Dear readers:
I wanted to share some very important news with you. Last night I attended the MTV Video Music Awards on the Paramount lot. Now, what is exciting about this news is not that we got invited at the last minute and jumped at the chance to put on something other than sweatpants and roll ourselves down the hill to the event. No, as exciting as that was, what was even more thrilling was that I actually knew practically every band and performer there. I kid you not. This is a minor miracle for those who knew me when I was young and would freeze when anyone asked me the dreaded question: who's your favorite band? I simply did not have an answer. Um...the Beatles? Elton John? (note: those were the eight tracks on rotation in our yellow Volvo circa...circa who cares. a long time ago.)
I could blame this on the fact that my mother was (and still is) a concert pianist and we pretty much only had classical music playing (except on road trips in the yellow Volvo), but friends, that's not even it because I couldn't really identify the great works of the classical masters back then, either. Let's just say I was tone deaf for a while but have luckily made up for that over the years and now don't know what I would do without music. I still freeze when asked who my favorite band is (or author, book, movie, fill-in-the-blank) but that's just because there are too many to choose from.
But I digress.
Back to the VMAs. And my observations from the outdoor "B Tank," where all the non-celebrities gathered to watch the festivities unfold on the myriad LCD screens within the roped-off perimeter:
1. much easier to see LCD screens once the sun has set and is no longer shining in your eyes.
2. sequins = the new black
3. Britney might just be on the verge of another comeback, friends. (And I'm rooting for her.)
4. Hayley, the lead singer of Paramore, is looking like a true rocker. Well done.
5. Russel Brand is A-OK.
6. No lines whatsoever for food and drink all night. And no shortage. Who says there's a recession?
7. Slim suits PLUS ankle-length pants PLUS shiny shoes = the new hip way to still be a suit.
8. One-side of head shaved down to a leopard print on skull CAN look good, if only for one night.
9. Note to Kanye: next time perform one of your hits to end the show, not something new.
10. Rihanna rules. Seriously.
11. People were bused in to the event. How does that happen? Where do they come from?
12. The Jonas Brothers have a way with the ladies. As if you didn't know that already. (note: a mass of fans streamed their way down the streets of the Paramount lot, like speed walkers released from the starting line, to make their way to the Jonas Bros. live outdoor performance.)
13. Sweet Pea from Project Runway Season 4 was in attendance in the B Tank in a long, jersey-knit red dress, tattoos-a-showing.

I could keep going all day, but I must get back to my other writing. But I leave you with this:
soundtrack of the morning -- Coming to Terms by Carolina Liar.
current song: Last Night. Which is appropriate given this post.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.